Updates 'R' Us

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Mon Jun 1 04:21:56 UTC 1998

Helge -

>As I watched changesets 058* to 077* roll in, I wondered whether I should
>file them all out for backup purposes. Just the other day, I have had an
>image crash on me. (Easy, all work recovered from the changelog, but a
>crash.dmp tends to shatter my confidence for a day or two.)

After retrieving updates, all the source code is in your changes file and the compiled code is in your image.  Moreover all the changes are recorded, along with some comments about them in the changeSets browsable by the changeSorter.  If you save a copy of the image and changes after getting updates, this is sufficient.  Moreover, since the image "knows" its last update, if you re-start from your updated image, it will only have to retrieve updates that came later.

I would not advise filing the updates out, as some updates are order-dependent, and their order may not be preserved by the fileIn/fileOut process.  If you really want the files, retrieve them with FTP, or use the statement
    Utilities absorbUpdatesWriteFiles: true zapNums: true
to retrieve them.  This will write them on the disk as it files them in.  But I really wouldn't bother.

>The real question is, will the changesets remain available until the next
>image release? And did I miss any below 058*?

Yes they will remain available at least until we release a new image that has then all in it.

No, you did not miss any updates.  57 is the last we issued for the beta image.  Updates for 2.0 began with 58.

	- Dan

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