squeak hogs memory on linux?

Greg Lewin greg at quokka.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 10 23:44:58 UTC 1998

In message <Marcel-1.45-0610171755-06cKL&V at goldskin.interval.com>, Tim
Rowledge <rowledge at interval.com> writes
>On Wed 10 Jun, Greg Lewin wrote:

>perhaps more likely is the small collection of places where some memory
>grabbed for a socket structure, or a buffer for showDisplay and so on.
It seems 
>especially odd since there have been no similar sounding problems
reported for 
>r unices and the code is pretty much identical.

the ram used increases pretty rapidly - that's why I don't have long to
investigate; I don't see how buffer allocation would eat it up fast
enough. It looks more and more like my own mc/os configuration.

Greg Lewin

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