Alan C. Kay alank at wdi.disney.com
Wed Jun 17 22:04:14 UTC 1998

Steve --

I would agree entirely.




At 2:20 PM -0700 6/17/98, Steve Dekorte wrote:
>>A good way to give epiphany a chance is to contemplate the difference between a clock full of
>>gears, and a living organism made from cells, which can grow itself from a single "universal"
>The way that lead me to objects is trying to write a user interface from scratch in C.
>It begins to become obvious that the widget's state information and functions should
>most responably be stored together in the widget itself.
>I don't think this is as easy to see for the typical number crunching oriented
>problems found in programming class projects.
>Communicating the benefit of objects may be easier by showing it's value for
>high level objects first and letting people see the beauty of exting that downward
>than to try to convince people straight out that "+" should be a dynamicly bound

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