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Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Fri Jun 5 21:42:46 UTC 1998

On Fri 05 Jun, Andreas Raab wrote:
> > Does Squeak have any support for headless images?

> On Acorn ... uh hell, Tim can you help me out?! It was simple, but can't
> remember.
Couldn't be simpler:-
a )change DisplayScreen class>startUp to _not_ send #beDisplay, in which case no window will be opened ever :-)
b) check for 'headless' in the systemAttribute list (via the Smalltalk getSystemAttribute: protocol we discused some time ago) and use that to decide whether or not to send #beDisplay by default, and add some code to send #beDisplay if yo
u want to open a window later - for debugging, say.

We (as in Andreas, Ian, John & myself) spent quite some time a couple of months ago discussing how to get commandline arguments, adidtional files and so on into the image. I don't know if everybody managed to get all the code changed to m
atch what I think we agreed, but basically it should be possible to provide several platform specific CL arguments that can be used both by the VM internally (headless, memory: etc) and by the image (via getSystemAttribute:), as well as t
he .sqo filenames that are checked by readDocumentFile.


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