Wednesday's updates

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Wed Jun 3 17:29:13 UTC 1998

The following updates are now out.
These include fixes for recently reported problems...
	Accidental redefinition of existing classes (#84)
	No easy way to turn sound on and off (#84)
	BookMorph page turning broken by change to do: (#80)

Fixes bug in paste-morph feature that dropped user into debugger when trying to paste an object that had been previously named.

Fixes long-standing bug in BookMorph accept-drop code that sometimes allowed unwanted and inappropriate dropping of objects *above* the page controls, for example.  Comparable bulletproofing is also added to PasteUpMorph, to avoid the phenomenon of objects being dropped 'successfully' but not being visible on the page after drop -- which could happen in drops on a page of a book in a tabbed complex, for example.

Reinstates Object>do: with a notifier saying that it has become obsolete.  Fixes two cases where do: was still being sent to a non-collection. Such uses should now use in: rather than do:.  It may take a while to find and fix any other such uses of do:.  Non-collection objects now understand 'asOrderedCollection'." 

Fixes a problem with re-painting an existing SketchMorph
when it is rotated. It was appearing in the upper left of the
World, rather than allowing painting in place.

This filein really fixes the problems with painting a rotated
morph. Really!! No, I mean it!! This time for sure!!
Also fixes the world halo being too big when objects are off
the screen.

A first cut at support translucent colors in Morphic,
based on code by Michael Stevens. There are a number
of unresolved issues having to do with translucency, including:
  1. If any pixel is painted multiple times, it gets gradually
    darker. This results in various artifacts such as darker
    bands in the middle of ellipses and strange effects during
  2. The hand caching code must be disabled in 32-bits.
  3. It is slightly more expensive to decide what combination
     rule to use; this affects performance at all depths. The
     slowdown seems to be under five percent.
  4. Images cannot be translucent.
  5. Translucency only works with when the Display is in
     32-bit mode. It would be nice if it worked at 16 bits and
     it might potentially be useful at 8 bits, at least for translucent
     grays. (There may not be enough color gradations in 8-bits
     to get good color blending)

Installs a help-menu item for turning sound on and off.
Warns of redefining a class when not looking at it in the browser.
>From John-Reed Maffeo: A fix to pluggable buttons in FormMenuView.

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