Bug in (LargeINtegers) #\\ & #//

Eric Maximiliano Rodriguez Guevara eguevara at dc.uba.ar
Fri Jun 5 00:43:20 UTC 1998


There is Problem with #\\ andn #// messages in LargeIntegers, the problem 
is that if the argument is a negative SMallInteger, the operation is not 
defined because highBit is not defined for negaative integers (which is 
OK because of 2's complement, I think). It's a pitty that I can't fix the 
problem (the only thing that cross my mind is to send abs to the 
argument, but that would be contradictory with te same messages in 
SmallInteger, because the result would always be positive), besides there 
are some primitives invlolved.

Kind regards.

Eric Rodriguez Guevara
eguevara at dc.uba.ar

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