View Programming?

John-Reed Maffeo (rlpa80) rlpa80 at
Mon Jun 22 15:26:03 UTC 1998

Cameron Bowes wrote:
> Greetings folks!
> I've recently discovered Squeak, and am now in the throes of really learning
> Smalltalk (and loving every minute of it). For learning, I've been using
> Smalltalk80: The Language, and a couple of other books, however, none of
> them really deals with basic View programming.
> I realize that there are a lot niftier ways of doing things now (morphic in
> Squeak, the UI builder in VisualWorks, etc.), but I would like to be able to
> work with the basics. This also comes from the fact the I'm using Blair
> McGlashan's WinCE port for a lot of my work, which is pretty stripped down.
> Many thanks to Blair for this port!!!
> I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a resource or two for learing this
> aspect of Smalltalk programming? I've played a bit with the "One window, One
> button" example on the gatech Wiki server, which merely told me how much I
> didn't know about basic window view programming.
> Also, and this is perhaps, again, rather rudimentary.  Please forgive me,
> but how to save an image so that it fires off a specific method when it
> starts up? In my case, I'd like to install PWS as an NT service, so I'd like
> the initialization and startup of the server to happen when Squeak is
> launched.
> Thanks in advance if anyone can provide any gentle pointers. I'm obviously
> still on the wrong side of the learning curve, but endeavoring to get over
> it!
>             Kindest regards to the list,
>                      Cameron Bowes
>                       cbowes at

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