Update O76: Form Transition Broken

Matt Rosen rosen at sjdccd.cc.ca.us
Tue Jun 2 20:50:02 UTC 1998

The Morphic environment is really getting usable.  Ran into a minor
problem, however.

Update 076 for Squeak 2.0, among other things, replaced Object>do: with

The method below now needs to be changed to use in: instead of do: (it
is invoked by turning a page in a book morph, for example).

Form (transitions)

wipeImage: otherImage at: topLeft clippingBox: clipBox rectForIndex:

 | index thisRect clipRect |
 index _ 0.
 clipRect _ topLeft extent: otherImage extent.
 clipBox ifNotNil: [clipRect _ clipRect intersect: clipBox].
 [(thisRect _ rectForIndexBlock value: (index _ index+1)) == nil]
  [thisRect in:
   [:r | self copyBits: r from: otherImage at: topLeft + r topLeft
    clippingBox: clipRect rule: Form over fillColor: nil.
   Display forceDisplayUpdate]].

Matt Rosen, Director for Technical Services
San Joaquin Delta College

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