A few questions...

Chris Reuter cgreuter at calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jun 12 15:33:01 UTC 1998

Hi all,

I have a few other minor questions I'm hoping to get answered.

  1) In Squeak 2.0, the "format" menu option merely causes the pane to
     flash as though an error had occurred, even if I've just
     recompiled the method.  Is this a bug or has some subtlety been
     added to format?

  2) I notice that when I fileOut a project (from the Change Sorter),
     all versions of the methods seem to be written to the file.  Is
     there a way to file out only the latest versions of the methods,
     classes and class comments?  I tried "remove doIts" but that took
     away the class definitions too.

  3) In order to get rid of The Morphs That Wouldn't Die (re: previous
     posting), I tried closing and deleting all things morphic and
     evaluating the following:

	       Morph allSubInstances do: [ :x | x become: nil]

     This caused Squeak to hang.  Did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any answers you may offer.


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