Morphic question

scottw at scottw at
Sat Jun 6 06:08:30 UTC 1998

At 3:37 AM -0700 6/3/98, Juan Cires Martinez wrote:
>Morphic question: Morph>>replaceSubmorph:by: calls "self autoLineLayout",
>but autoLineLayout is only implemented by PasteUpMorph.  Shouldn't there
>be a default Morph>>autoLineLayout?

Thanks, Juan, keen spotting!   This glitch went unnoticed because replaceSubmorph:by: happens only to be sent to PasteUpMorphs at the moment -- but obviously it needs to work for any Morph.  

In the fix for this (which will go out with the next batch), the part of replaceSubmorph:by: that is specific to PasteUpMorph is factored out to an override in PasteUpMorph.

  -- Scott

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