14 new updates

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Sun Jun 14 21:39:29 UTC 1998

Folks -

We have just put 14 new updates out on the external servers.  Here's a summary...

Puts a TabbedPalette in the standard parts bin.
New TabbedPalette features:
  paste an entire book as a new tab, either:
      a.  Before the currently selected tab, or...
      b.  After all existing tabs
  remove an entire tab
  rename a tab
  recolor a tab
  add a new tab

Update 089 fixes a bug I (Ted) introduced in Update 077.  When I fixed the problem with writing long strings to the disk, I broke the ability to read any strings at all from older files.  This is the same fix as before, but with the new string format under a new type ID.  The old format can still be read.  If you stored such a file between May 29th and today, here is how to bring it up to date:
If you have the object in an image:
       Get Updates.
        Write the object out again.   (throw away the old file)
If you only have the file:
       Read the object into the image it came from (one that was Updated between May 29th and now).
       Get Updates.
        Write the object out again.   (throw away the old file)


Introduces windowReqNewLabel:, and uses it to pass window label changes to the window's model for approval and possible further action.  Used to pass project labels on to their changeSets in both MVC and Morphic.
Introduces windowActiveOnFirstClick in Model, defaulting to false.  This can be overridden by, eg, Projects to get first-click behavior.
Organizes the methods in TranscriptStream.


In the course of doits and fileIns, a class may be mutated.  The mutation may invalidate methods that are in the process of being executed, if they are on the stack.  This file redefines a couple of methods that are usually on the stack, so that most mutations, even of currently executing classes, will not cause a problem.

Allows a PasteUpMorph to have the property that a mouseover one of its submorphs should bring up a halo around that submorph automatically.

Fixes a bug reported by Juan Cires Martinez by factoring out part of Morph.replaceSubmorph:by: code to PasteUpMorph.  Further, assures that the replacement morph and its submorphs get added to the step list if required


Fixes a FileList problem with file names contain parentheses characters.
Fixes 'show image in a window' command in Morphic projects.
Fixes a bug in SystemTracer reported by Tim Rowledge (thanks, Tim!!).

Adds a C source file that demonstrates how little support code is needed
to bootstrap a basic Squeak virtual machine. This may be useful as
a guide to those porting Squeak to new platforms.

Fixes bug so Project windows again update their label with corres changeSet.
Changes ChangeSorter changeSetList so it shows most recent first.
Changes changes log menu so it shows most recent first.
Adds menu item for opening a single change sorter.
Makes windows able to be dragged on first click if in title bar.
Reorganizes Project jumpTo so it presents a came-from list, the parent, then all projects.
Makes Project enter menu come up centered on first item.
Fixes problem with textured backgrounds in project link creation.

A few tweaks to make the new ChangeSorter format work better...
	Update list after new, rename, remove.
	Present show... menu with most recent first, as in the list pane.

Defines Pen >> fill: fillBlock color: fillColor
allowing a closed shape drawn by the fillBlock to be filled with the fillColor.
For example, try...
	Display restoreAfter: [Pen new filberts: 4 side: 5]

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