Two questions

sqrmax at sqrmax at
Sat Jun 27 01:58:26 UTC 1998


What does the star besides the cursor's arrow mean?

And also, why is that when I try to compile this:

xor: aProbability
	"Answer the probability that represents
	the chance that either the receiver, or
	aProbability but not both of them occur 
	at the same time"

	^self class new: value + (self negated and: aProbability negated) value

[Boy, what a GREAT cut & paste with crlf!!!]

an error occurs and a message appears saying that the arguments for #and: 
have to be either a variable or a block? Here it is:

 <- argument of and: must be a block or variable ->

What's going on in here??? I have already tried retyping to avoid spilled 
unseen characters.


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