Bug when opening Transcript

William O. Dargel wDargel at shoshana.com
Thu Jun 4 00:48:39 UTC 1998

William O. Dargel wrote:

> sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar wrote:
> > I left a Transcript open while updating from the web... man... that was
> > some experience! I left the text on it and minimized it.
> I ran into this as well. It must be a problem only if the Transcript is
> collapsed while getting the updates.

It definitely is getting weirded out by sending things to a collapsed
Transcript. I played with it some more and found the following simple
test can be used to get it to hang. (Note that number of lines, their
relative length and not starting with a cleared transcript can affect
your results).

    "open transcript"
        Transcript show: 'test'; cr; show: 'one two'; cr.
    "collapse transcript"
        Transcript show: 'three'.
    "expand the transcript, and watch it hang"

Any sleuths out there with a better understanding of how it should work,
are invited to use this to reproduce the problem :-)

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