TerseMan was: Re: How many subclasses does a class have?

sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar
Thu Jun 18 14:45:42 UTC 1998


>A clock is instantiated from the clock factory (i.e. single inheritence).
>Living organisms (at least of the variety that read squeak-list) are
>instantiated from two parents (i.e. random dual inheritence with a little
>mutation thrown in for good luck).

Hmmm... I don't think so... maybe aMale sends #copyWith: aChromosomeSet to 
aFemale. Then, aFemale can either answer an error (like havingHeadache or 
so), or she can do what she has to (exactly what she does depends on her own 
implementation, which of course is private).

Unknown percentage of "seriouscity".


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