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Jason Karney jason at
Mon Jun 1 16:23:01 UTC 1998

I thought it would be nice to have a class browser/development tool for Java
that worked like Squeak's.... and the portability of Squeak would be an
advantage for development.

The ideas you mentioned sound about right. I envision a tool that allows for
classes to be rapidly "cobbled" together, and (hopefully :-)) compiled by a
call to javac. The embedded javavm would be interesting, but I doubt anybody
has the time for that :-)

Helge Horch wrote:

> At 16:28 29.05.98 -0400, Jason Karney wrote:
> >
> >Does anybody have a Java class browser for Squeak?
> What a coincidence. No, not yet. But I have thought that a Squeak-based
> classfile browser for analysis, cross-reference and disassembly would make
> a nice side project. (I also imagined a JavaVM inside Squeak ala IBM's UVM
> or Smalltalk/X, but that would exceed my alloted spare time.)
> I've also tried to retarget the CCodeGenerator for Java, but have only
> managed to open a can of ugly worms so far.
> What exactly did you have in mind?
> Just curious,
> Helge
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