arrow keys in browser

Maloney johnm at
Sun Jun 21 18:26:59 UTC 1998

>On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, William O. Dargel wrote:
>> BTW David, I'm not sure what the left- and right-arrow keys would do in
>> a browser. What did you envision them doing? Ah! Perhaps move the focus
>> (mouse?) between side by side lists?
>Yes. I mean, no, not move the mouse, but move the focus, yes.
>So you can traverse the browser with the cursor keys only ...
>I also implemented 'vi' keybindings for the list, 'k' moves upwards in the
>list and 'j' downwards.  So 'h' could move the focus to the column to the 
>In fact, I'm going to wait to upgrade to 2.0, and continue to work 
>with 1.31 a bit, since if the Controllers already deal with keyboard 
>input in 2.0, then that would spoil the fun for me ...

In 2.0, we changed to a completely new pluggable list implementation.
So, have fun in 1.31, but be prepared to make a few changes when you
port your code to 2.0. (I don't think the changes will be numerous
or difficult.)

Also: Tim R. is right about keystrokes being sent to whichever
pane the mouse is currently over. This makes switching panes
under keyboard control tricky and potentially confusing. It
should be easier to implement under Morphic than under MVC.

	-- John

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