Updates Listing?

Eric Maximiliano Rodriguez Guevara eguevara at dc.uba.ar
Fri Jun 19 19:15:07 UTC 1998

> Hello,
> Does there exist a single list with descriptions of all the updates that
> have been published via the automatic update? There is a list, in the
> update server directory, of all the names - obviously since that's
> needed to know if all the updates have been d/l'd. But is there a
> central list someplace with a short description like in Dan Ingalls'
> message yesterday? It isn't something important; I just find it helpful
> to my learning process and easier to understand what I'm doing with that
> kind of information available. 
> Thanks,
> William

In every file that you get, there is (not quite short, but) an explanation 
of what the update do. Every file (I think) generates a new Change Set 
with its name, if you open the ChangeSorter and show a particular set, you 
can see the explanation by clicking on edit preamble and edit postscript.

I think this can help you.


Eric Rodriguez Guevara
eguevara at dc.uba.ar

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