DEC itsy

Randy Siler rsiler at
Sat Jun 6 00:04:35 UTC 1998

I'm passing along this little fragment because there was some talk about
the DEC itsy computer and a possible squeak port.

> I guess last Friday (May 29th) there was a talk on this new portable
> computing device.  If anyone has any comments on it, please fire them my
> way.  I'll summarize if anyone is interested.

I went.  Some notes and cool stuff I saw

- Based on 200Mhz StrongARM
- running linux ARM port
- display is 320x200.  Saw 320x200 MPEG video of Terminator 2
- played with it running the linux 'copilot' PalmPilot Emulator :)

Other things it can do (but didn't see demo):
- Runs Apache! With ricoched wireless modem daughter card, can
  serve up pages, as well as some remote-admin stuff via the web.

Itsy Web site at DEC:

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