Is Squeak ready for BeOS for Intel

Ian Piumarta piumarta at
Wed Mar 25 10:53:55 UTC 1998

> I recall that at one point in time there were a couple of individuals who
> were working on the port. Is it available?

I started last year, but that particular process got moved from my
runnable queue to the blocked list due to an avalanche of higher priority
things that arrive ceaselessly.  The tricky part is reconciling Squeak's
assumptions abouth the platform's graphics model with the MVC-like triad
that is imposed on applications by the BeOS application framework.

I forget the name of the other gentleman who was working on it, but
his progress seemed promising for a while...

A real "quick and dirty" solution would be to use the X-server-in-a-
window that someone did for BeOS, but I haven't investigated this.  I
might take a look at the possibility of this approach, and if it requires
only a few hours of work then I'll try to get something going.


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