Georg Gollmann gollmann at edvz.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Mar 13 17:36:42 UTC 1998

>I have been thinking about  that page locking mechanism.
>What happens if someone edits a page for more than 10 minutes,
>then sends it in?  is it rejected or not?
>What if Andy edits a page, typing in his thoughts etc for
>20 minutes... then Barb edits the same page, typing in her
>thoughts... then Andy submits his edited page... then Barb
>submits her edited page.
>what if Barb submits hers before Andy submits his?

Some points:
- Timeout is only activated on demand (when someone else accesses the page)
- While an edit is in progress others don´t even get update forms, update
requests are rejected.
- Editing is a multi step process: Check the page out, edit it, edit it
some more..., commit or abort. So just send the intermediate stages to the
server every few minutes (good for checking the formatting anyway), only
after a commit others will see the new version.

BTW, the YAW code has only seen light testing, so expect it to contain bugs !


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