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CYNTHIA NELSON cindynelson at abraxis.com
Mon Mar 2 02:36:31 UTC 1998

At 03:52 PM 3/1/98 -0800, Alan C. Kay wrote:
>At 3:36 PM -0800 3/1/98, Bruce Cohen wrote:


I have a more mundane question than the those
that normally are posted to this list...however
I would like to know WHAT I am supposed to do 
about the fact that ver 1.31 seems to capriciously
change my carefully chosen temporary variable names
to t1, t2,.... This is a royal waste of my time to
have to go back an change this. I have tried everything
in the "documentation" to no avail. I even created a
changes folder before I saved as something else...
nothing seems to work. Also I have had a problem
saving workspaces to an external text editor sometimes
it works and sometimes it does not.

I am used to C++ (OK throw MUD now) where everything may 
be very verbose and dangerous for the inexperienced but 
at least it is fast and reliable...maybe that explains 
part of my frustration. Now you guys are most likely going
to say it is a bug in the C compiler used to create Squeak 
that is to blame. I do not care just answer the question 
I would appreciate it.

Cindy Nelson

PS. I would like to try the sound capabilities since I am a
professional musician but first the "nuts and bolts' have to
work before I spend my time...and NO I do not use a Mac.
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