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Maloney johnm at wdi.disney.com
Tue Mar 3 04:37:47 UTC 1998

>I have a more mundane question than the those
>that normally are posted to this list...however
>I would like to know WHAT I am supposed to do 
>about the fact that ver 1.31 seems to capriciously
>change my carefully chosen temporary variable names
>to t1, t2,.... This is a royal waste of my time to
>have to go back an change this. I have tried everything
>in the "documentation" to no avail. I even created a
>changes folder before I saved as something else...
>nothing seems to work. Also I have had a problem
>saving workspaces to an external text editor sometimes
>it works and sometimes it does not.


This sounds very much as though your ".changes"
file is not being found. Squeak keeps its source code
in an external "log" file ending in ".changes". If this
file isn't there, then when you browse to a method it
decompiles it, making up variables names like "t1" and "t2"
for your well-chosen names.

The general rule is this: the ".image" and ".changes" files
always go in the same directory. The ".sources", which has
all the variable names and comments for the system sources,
goes in the same directory as the executable. The root
file name (before the ".") of the .changes and .image file
should be the same, as in:


When you start up, you should get a warning if the .changes
file couldn't be found. To be sure that it *is* found, print
the result of executing "SourceFiles". It should be an array
containing two FileStreams. If one of the entries in "nil"
then you've got a problem.

Don't be disheartened; once you've got Squeak installed
properly, you'll have a lot of fun with it. I think you'll
like the MIDI file player, for example. To play a MIDI file,
open a "File List", select a MIDI file, and invoke the
"play midi file" command. You'll get a little console that
lets you adjust various parameters while the music is playing.
It's stereo, has built-in reverb, and lets you build your
own custom instruments, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

	-- John

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