Self and pure object thinking

Mark Mayfield mmayfield at
Fri Mar 20 22:08:20 UTC 1998


I'm trying to find out if there is currently any work going on in the
"pure" object world. I've read all I can on the "Self" language, but I'm
still looking for more. I'm currently working on extending some of the
object design notations (Coad notation and UML) to handle Self-like
concepts of prototypes, object inheritance, etc. Pure object thinking works
great with the object model patterns Peter Coad and I have written about. I
just need to find some pure object thinkers to exchange ideas with.


Mark Mayfield

Mark Mayfield                     mmayfield at

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             by the principles on which it is built."

       Howard Roark in Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead"

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