Blue Plane?

Carl E Gundel carlg at
Mon Mar 16 04:48:08 UTC 1998

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Boris G. Chr. Shingarov wrote:
> After Cheese 4 is there, and questions like 'how do I get
> callbacks working' seem clear, I afforded to put a little
> more thought into design; and I must admit that after a
> view from a more general perspective I'm not too happy. I
> think the design of Cheese should be enhanced to not break
> Squeak portability.  I wrote my thoughts on how to do it
> in a document I uploaded to create today, the filename is
> (gzipped PostScript).

Hi Boris!

Is there any way to read your document other than using a postscript
device?  I don't have such a tool.


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