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wirth at wirth at
Sun Mar 1 19:55:36 UTC 1998

Ken Dickey said:
Note that I did a prototype dispatcher which did not use global tables
(for precisely the case that network objects might have a very small
local lifetime).  The basic idea is that the selector is handed to such
an object which does its own dispatch.  When an object 'enters the
system' it gets the selector values and creates an optimized dispatch
function (perhaps lazily).  [I can send you a page of html and a couple
of tiffs with sample code in Scheme if you are interested].

Sounds like ideal material for one of the Wiki sites.  Why not send a text
version to the mailing list and put the html and tiffs (converted to gif?)
on one of the Wiki sites.  We ought to create a discussion topic for this
thread (if it doesn't exist already).


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