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Mike Klein mike at twinsun.com
Mon Mar 2 20:39:01 UTC 1998

[Snip on new person losing source, and explaination of sources & changes]

> The VM
> a '.image' file
> a '.changes' file
> a '.sources' file.

In Squeak 1.3:
CompiledMethod allInstances inject: 0 into: [:total :each | total + each 
getSourceFromFile size] 


Hmm... 4 Megabytes.
If we kept the source in the image it would only cost 4 Megabytes.

No more wondering if the image has the right path to the source/changes files.  
No more newbies asking what 't2' means.  (Your source has been terminated :-)
No more CR/CRLF nonsense causing run-on (or double-spaced) methods.
No more questions as to source file encodings.
Ability to experiment with non-string source representations.

People used to say windowing systems were a waste of computer power,
while command line interfaces were cheap.
What is the power of the computer to be used for, if not for the user?

I can't imagine anyone who is learning Squeak to miss an extra 4M.
I'm sure that the people who are getting Squeak to run in a limited
environment will be dealing with far more complex issues, and having to
strip out the source will be quite minor.


-- Mike Klein

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