Squeak available for SGI Irix 6.2?

Ian Piumarta piumarta at prof.inria.fr
Fri Mar 27 12:10:14 UTC 1998

> I need four files, only one of which is OS specific.  Is that correct?


> So I could get them, say, from any subdirectory on the ftp server that
> holds Unix files, and then replace the VM with the one you send me --
> correct?


FWIW, I have created an SGI distribution, similar to the other Unix
"distributions", containing symlinks to the four required files:


There is a README in the "distributions" directory containing (hopefully
infallible ;) instructions on downloading.  The above directory will
appear on other sites if/when their mirrors notice it.

(Thanks again to Andreas for providing the SGI binary!)


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