Dana Anthony daanth at unx.sas.com
Fri Mar 13 17:21:21 UTC 1998

Maloney wrote:
> >I have finally given in to the urge to inflict Yet Another Wiki on the
> >world. I wrote it to get some ideas out of my head (so they may rest in
> >peace or get picked up by other people). For more information see
> >http://macos.tuwien.ac.at/Squeak/YAW.html.
> >
> >Georg
> Thanks! There are a lot of good ideas here. I especially like
> the page-locking facility.
>         -- John

I have been thinking about  that page locking mechanism.
What happens if someone edits a page for more than 10 minutes,
then sends it in?  is it rejected or not?

What if Andy edits a page, typing in his thoughts etc for
20 minutes... then Barb edits the same page, typing in her
thoughts... then Andy submits his edited page... then Barb
submits her edited page.  

what if Barb submits hers before Andy submits his?


This is all moot maybe because I couldn't find the "edit"
link on the YAW anyway.  If they can't edit it what use is

Dana Anthony
daanth at unx.sas.com

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