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TANGUAY, LUC luc.tanguay at bell.ca
Mon Mar 23 14:11:52 UTC 1998

Joerg Brunsmann wrote:

>        S Q U E A K  N E E D S  C O O R D I N A T I O N !
> But if someone wants to use Squeak as a base
> for his own experiments or development he needs a reliable core system
> to be ensured of using a high quality starting point.


> For example, if
> I'm tired of using tools like yacc for writing a programming language
> parser and I want to use a Smalltalk environment invoking T-Gen as a
> parser generator. Since someone asked twice if T-Gen has been ported
> to Squeak this is a reasonable szenario. Correct me if I'm wrong but
> noone
> has answered the question yet if T-Gen is ported to Squeak and noone
> knows if someone is porting this piece of software to Squeak at the
> moment. Perhaps three or four are doing this port in parallel right
> now; and of course that would not be what we desire.
> At least I don't know if this is the case. This is dissapointing 
> since Squeak and T-Gen are great
> pieces of software and they both would benefit from each other. Sadly
> enough T-Gen is just one example.

I, for one, asked this question on the 28 august 97.  Stephen Travis
Pope replied.  We had begun the port but was distracted. Erik Gjovi
asked again in 28 feb 98 (6 months later).  Lately, I used Dolphin
Smalltalk to experiment with T-Gen.  I'm not satisfied with Dolphin, I
would prefer to use Squeak but T-gen is missing.  I tried to begin the
port of T-gen to Squeak.  First we need Exceptions.  Exceptions should
be in the core class library of Squeak.  I don't feel I have enough
experience to port T-gen to Squeak, so I stopped.  To do this kind of
port, we need somebody who designed T-gen in the first place.

> Right, but in
> addition the download should also consist of a directory containing
> applications (you can also use the term parcels for that) which are
> file-in's for extending the base virtual image for specific needs.
> Having said that, I demand a virtual image that only contains the core
> Squeak class library. Every user is able to create an image for his
> own purpose. For example, [...] Morphic is cool but it is very slow.
> Why not creating an morphic application which a Squeak user can easily
> integrate into his image? I don't give you the huge list of further
> applications that could be loaded into a Squeak virtual image; you
> know them, don't you?
> 3. Repeating myself: the virtual image should contain only a core
> class
> library which serves as a base for loadable applications.

This should be the way.  It should facilitate downloads.  Maybe the
documentation would be improved too.  I prefer to add packages (or
parcels) then to delete.


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