Pink Plane Biology

Brian Foote foote at
Sun Mar 1 07:04:28 UTC 1998

>While we're on non-CS points of view, let me ask a new question about
>method bindings.  I'm really interested in biological analogs (and was much
>taken by the ones you mentioned in your OOPSLA keynote).  I've been trying

For you (other) pink-plane Darwinian dilletantes out there:

Squeak seems like a wonderful example of of an evolutionary
phenonmenon called "neoteny", where an organism adapts
by essentially reverting to an earlier stage in its development.
The phenotype does this by arresting it's development at an earlier,
juvenile stage,
before the mature features that the genome is abandoning have
developed.  Sometimes the mature organism is hamstrung
by adaptations that are no longer useful, and needs to "draw back
to leap", to be able to explore the earlier paths not taken.
(I first saw this notion in Koestler's books (Act of Creation/Ghost in the
as an undergrad, which Alan also mentioned in his talk, as I recall.)

>Pointers to other writings on computational vs. biological systems?
We did a patterns paper that cast evolving code in terms
Dawkin's selfish gene notion:
There's are some fresh patterns on the Wiki web that explore
some bio angles: is a good place
to start.


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