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Dan Ingalls DanI at
Thu Mar 12 21:31:04 UTC 1998

Quiet mail can mean nothing's happening, or it can mean just the opposite.

We've been busy in several areas, and are finally getting serious about running stand-alone in Morphic.  Our plan is to do this in two phases:
	Convert all current windows to pluggable views
	Implement a matching set of pluggable views in Morphic.
This will mean that we can re-use the current browser models in the morphic system, and the old MVC views should get a lot simpler in the process.  We will leave the old window scheduler and views in place at least until everyone has had a chance to work seriously with Morphic for a while.

In addition, since 1.31, we have been working on...
	Much more responsive cursor tracking in Morphic
	Flex morphs (meaning any morph can be scaled and rotated.  Right now
		I'm playing with a whole code browser tipped on its side ;-)
	High-speed compression and a compact forms package
		We have improved Squeak's bitmap compression and compiled
		it into a primitive.  It is possible to compress every form in the
		system, and only decompress when BitBlt acutally needs it.
		We are working with a demo image that dropped from 24MB
		to 14MB with this feature.
	Project zooms
		As an option, when you enter a project it zooms visually.
	We have a Mac interpreter that now supports full-screeen display
		(except for the menu bar)
	Numerous Twiki weaks... er... Wiki tweaks
	Numerous improvements to music
	Also we think that the numerics affinity group will have a cleanup for
		some of the Float problems that were discussed recently.
	We have sworn to document Morphic properly.  The new hyperlinks 
		should help, but documentation is not our strength...

I'm hoping that we can pull all of this into shape as Squeak 2.0 around mid-April.  What will make this release worthy of an integral version number is that you will finally be able to throw away all the normal MVC views if you are running in Morphic, just as you now can jettison Morphic if you only use MVC.  We will probably also rewrite the sources file at that time so that, for a while, we can go back to relatively small changes files.

With that all said, we'll get back to work, and let others keep the mail servers busy.

	- Dan

	- Dan

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