Portable Cheese Protocol vs. Implementation

Boris G. Chr. Shingarov usib6tfj at pol.ru
Wed Mar 18 02:29:46 UTC 1998


I'm on a crossroad about bringing portability to Cheese:

Possibility 1)  maintain parallel hierarchies like in Cheese4
     where ViewManager uses PmWindow.  In Cheese5, ViewManager
     becomes Window, the protocol for Window is portable but
     the implementation is not.  Platform-dependent  implementation
     can be managed in a variety of ways, the first which
     comes to my mind is "subsystems" (similar to "Applications"
     in VA).
Possibility 2)  maintain parallel hierarchies again but now
     use the "Abstract Factory" DP.  Thus Window _implementation_
     becomes portable, too, but I can't immediately see whether
     this buys us anything.

Just thoughts...



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