Documenting Squeak

Stephen Ma stephen_ma at
Mon Mar 30 05:27:58 UTC 1998

"Alan C. Kay" <alank at> writes:
> > [Tansel Ersavas: graphical class diagrams; screen capture]
> > [Stephen Ma: documentation browser]
> I feel very positive and supportive of both suggestions. Our motto is
> "The system is the curriculum", but we have yet to make good on this,
> and appreciate very much everyone's interests and contributions in
> this important area.

Thanks for the encouragement.  However, I must warn everyone that I am
a complete novice when it comes to Smalltalk -- which is why I know
about the need for tutorials!  So I may not be the best person to
implement the documentation browser.

Actually, I'm not quite that helpless; I've gone through the blue and
purple Smalltalk-80 books.  If no one else volunteers, I think I can
throw together something tolerable in a week or two.

Stephen Ma <stephen_ma at>

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