1) CD0.2 as PDF; 2) CD0.2.2 are there

Boris G. Chr. Shingarov usib6tfj at pol.ru
Wed Mar 18 02:08:56 UTC 1998


CheeseDoc 0.2 is available as PDF, the URL is


Many thanks to Mike Wirth who did the conversion.

The Squeak page at PlugCom now also contains 0.2.2
as source and dvi.  Not really big difference, just
two small bug fixes: Carl Gundel corrected Window>>
openWindow to be Window>>open (so self openWindow is
now super open), and fixed the 'minButton' typo.

Future schedule:  next release will be a major update
of both Cheese (4.95?) and CheeseDoc (0.95?)


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