headless vm changes suggestions

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Fri Mar 20 02:45:32 UTC 1998

> > Did you try any networking code? It depends on having a window for async
> > notification of what is happening.
> You're kidding, right?  This is an early April Fool's joke?

Nope. It's still march.
I've never looked deeper into the async notfications - there may be ways
such that we don't have to use it (actually I'm quite sure because several
NT services use them as well). But at the moment you'll probably get a lot
of strange results from it.

> Oh boy, well if you gotta hava window then you gotta hava window, but
> I guess it can be made invisible and not counted as being there until
> a beDisplay is done. Blech.

Oh boy, stop whining! I'll have a look at it once I got a spare minute
left ... well if anyone out there knows how to do async network
notifications without a window let me know.

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