S[queak]-Gen (Re: Just some thoughts)

Bijan Parsia bparsia at email.unc.edu
Mon Mar 23 15:28:28 UTC 1998

At 9:11 AM -0500 3/23/98, TANGUAY, LUC wrote:

>I, for one, asked this question on the 28 august 97.  Stephen Travis
>Pope replied.  We had begun the port but was distracted. Erik Gjovi
>asked again in 28 feb 98 (6 months later).  Lately, I used Dolphin
>Smalltalk to experiment with T-Gen.  I'm not satisfied with Dolphin, I
>would prefer to use Squeak but T-gen is missing.  I tried to begin the
>port of T-gen to Squeak.  First we need Exceptions.  Exceptions should
>be in the core class library of Squeak.  I don't feel I have enough
>experience to port T-gen to Squeak, so I stopped.  To do this kind of
>port, we need somebody who designed T-gen in the first place.

I started working on this, but had to put it aside for awhile. My hang up
were some VM crashes with recursion (I suspect this was due to deeply
recusive blocks). If there are people interested in a coordinated effort,
please drop me a note via PRIVATE email.

As for exceptions, a lot depends on what you want. For porting, one needs
an exception system which emulates that of the thing which you port (how's
*that* for a stilted sentence!). David Farber posted to the list what
appears (so far in my experience) a solid port of (to quote his message):

>Bob Hinkle
>and Ralph Johnson's exception mechanism for V286. one of the big points of
>this setup is that it is supposed to mimic the ParcPlace (and even Tek)

(For the record, Dave, this is *very* useful! Thanks.)

An aside: things do work there way into the "core distribution"--the
Pluggable Web Server is a good example.

Code first, coordinate later ;) Right now that's not a bad principle.


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