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>  It would be nice to have more fonts to play with though,
>such as the Anatasia font Cynthia mentioned.  Is there 
>perhaps some sort of font library available?
> Billy Turchin

Here is a message that Dan Ingalls sent out last September:

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 11:34:00 -0800
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From: Dan Ingalls <DanI at>
Subject: Re: Squeak Fonts

Also there is a public domain Mac program called BitFont which can write a bitmap data file from any font that is in your Mac.  [I believe it can read PC format fonts also.]  This then can be read to create a StrikeFont, and several of these can then be installed in a new TextStyle.  If you install that textStyle in the TextConstants dictionary, as we have done with ClairVaux (and as illustrated by the code below), then it will become magically accessible via the ctrl-k feature of the paragraph editor.  IF you have a cyrillic Mac font that you like, I would suggest following this path.

There is also an amazing class called FontSet designed to encode a set of StikeFonts in method literals.  There is a comment that tells you how to read a set of BitFont data files into a FontSet class.  This can then be filed out and moved easily from image to image.  Assume we have made one (this would be a Class in the Smalltalk dictionary) called Cyrillic.  Having filed this into a new Squeak, you could execute an expression similar to...

TextConstants at: #Cyrillic put: (TextStyle fontArray:
	(Array with: Cyrillic size12
		with: Cyrillic size14
		with: Cyrillic size18
		with: Cyrillic size24
		with: Cyrillic size10))

Note that you can delete the class to save space, once you have built the textStyle.  Also note that you can do all of this just using individual strikFonts, without needing to use a FontSet.

Let me know if you have trouble with any of this.

	- Dan

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