working on... (was: News from the Squeak team)

Les Tyrrell tyrrell at
Fri Mar 13 20:48:36 UTC 1998

I feel I have a substantial start on Modularization.
However, I am very busy with other concerns right now,
principally user interface work for my day job.

I would like to tie in Modularization with a number of
other things, such as the ideas of Orthogonal Persistence
that others have discussed here.  This and a notion of
the "images" becoming things to visit via a client,
so that they might become usable by multiple persons
simultaneously, rather than single-user-only environments.

These sorts of things were discussed about a year ago...
has anyone else been making better progress?

I wouldn't mind having a newer SqueakCE, but the
one I have is good enough to stimulate my thinking
about the behavior of the user interface when using
differing input devices.  Along those lines there
are a number of interesting "two-fisted" user interfaces
presented recently at a CHI conference that have a lot of appeal.


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