Swiki pages appear blank in Netscape

John Albert Fehr jfehr at sprintmail.com
Tue Mar 31 06:07:32 UTC 1998

ocit.inc wrote:

> I am experiencing a very interesting bug. I have setup a site that employs
> the Squeak PWS and Swiki technologies. Anyhow, in Netscape 3.0 the pages in
> question are not rendered i.e. I get a blank page. The browser seems to
> locate and read the file since the html source is viewable and in apparent
> order but the browser just refuses to render the page.
> IE 4.0 on the other hand does not have a problem at all with the same set of
> pages.
> Here is the URL in question. The server is up most of the time and again
> appears fine with IE 4.0 :
> http://www.ocit.com:8090/SwikiStug

[stuff deleted]

> If anybody understands why this is occuring and how it may be corrected
> please let me know.
> Thanks.
> Charles

i am getting the same results as you.  i don't see the problem with
the document source -- puzzling.  i am running Netscape 4.04 on NT.


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