Unix porters: do you recognize this one?

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Sat Mar 14 23:25:04 UTC 1998


> -After doing a 'save as' for an image, the Interpreter claims to be unable to 
>  find the changes and images file by their new names when it resumes. 
>  Both files are actually there, and if I quit and re-start, things are normal.

I noticed the same effect on Windows. What happens is that during a
saveAs the new image name is transferred to the VM - however without any
path information. After the saveAs the image now behaves as if you have
started it with "SqueakVM /NewImageName.image"  The problem can probably
be fixed on the ST side but if you just add the old (i.e. current) path to
the image name in imageNamePutLength() (should be somewhere in
sqXWindow.c) everything should be fine. BTW, that's how I have handled it
in the Windows version.

Hope this helps,
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