Squeak and object persistence

Augustin Mrazik amr at aitecon.sk
Wed Mar 25 23:19:14 UTC 1998

I am planning to implement a lite version of ArtBASE in Squeak with my
students within a few months. For short description of original ArtBASE (for
PPS OW\ST and VW) look at
http://www.artinapples.sk/products/artbase/abdescr.html, for the full manual
at http://www.artinapples.sk/products/artbase/htmlguide/abmanual.html.

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations ? Thanks.

Augustin Mrazik

Thierry Goubier wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Carl E Gundel wrote:
> > So... I'm wondering what the next big thing is in object persistence.
> Long transactions, nested transactions, a transaction-based squeak up to
> the UI (morphic or MVC). (of course, the transactions boundaries are
> automatically managed by the system to increase the parallelism between
> processes and with others VMs. Distributed transactions, too)
> Just dreaming... But I'd like to be proven wrong...
> Thierry.
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