On a more...

Boris G. Chr. Shingarov boris at dialogue.msu.su
Tue Mar 3 02:11:37 UTC 1998


> I can't imagine anyone who is learning Squeak to miss an extra 4M.
> I'm sure that the people who are getting Squeak to run in a limited
> environment will be dealing with far more complex issues, and having to
> strip out the source will be quite minor.


I don't think the problem is really in getting the image big, but
instead a philosophical one.  At least my first Smalltalk experience
was with Envy, so I used to think of the image as my private resource
while the common source code repository is a shared resource.  Of
course it will require effort to make Squeak a true multideveloper
tool (to allow *simultaneous* access to the sources from different
images) but we should always keep the possibility in mind.

In one word, I think incorporating sources into image would be a
bad idea.


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