General comment on Cheese and prior work in this area

wirth at wirth at
Wed Mar 18 18:38:28 UTC 1998

With regard to visual frameworks for dynamic language environments that
attempt to be portable across multiple operating systems and also take
advantage of the graphic primitives on each platform, I recall the
extensive work that was done about 5-10 years ago for Common Lisp.
(Someone help me out with the name of the framework, I'm drawing a blank
and my manual for it is buried in a box somewhere :-)  My recollection is
that the approach was quite abstract (i.e., inefficient) and died from its
own weight (or the general declining interest in Lisp).  It would probably
be useful to review the effort from the point of view of "lessons learned".
Anyone out there in SqueakLand work on it?

Mike Wirth

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