Documenting Squeak

Reinier van Loon R.L.J.M.W.van.Loon at
Fri Mar 27 22:17:39 UTC 1998

I am more or less busy documenting Squeak using a CASE tool (Paradigm
Plus). During this I found that for example Controller has an instance
variable 'sensor' which is sometimes not used in subclasses. Instead these
subclasses refer to Sensor (a global object) *1. I think we should try to
eliminate all such references to globals.

Therefore, I am volunteering to keep a list of errors, warnings (like
above) and fixes. I will then compile this list into an HTML page and put
it on the Web. But: I am not interested in platform specific VM related
things. Just things which would make the (base) image cleaner.

BTW I am thinking of putting the documentation on the Web but I need
something which can make a GIF or JPG from a WMF (Windows Meta File format)
file. Yeah, I know, I should code it in Squeak. Does anyone have the WMF
file format available?

Houdoe, Reinier.

*1 For example:

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