Squeak web servers; headless?

Dana Anthony daanth at unx.sas.com
Mon Mar 2 14:46:44 UTC 1998

Hi.  I saw that there were several web server implementations
in Squeak, and I was wondering; does anyone know if
it is possible/ have any experience running Squeak "headless"
as a web server?  That is, with no window, all
input coming through web sockets etc.

This would be important as the web server machine(s)
I would consider do not have any windowing system installed
(they are HP and Sun workstations running HPUX and Solaris).

I am now running Squeak on one of the Suns, exporting the
windows to a machine that DOES have windowing installed,
but if I were to use it as a web server it would have
to stay up even when the window machine is not up.

Dana Lynne Goldblatt Anthony

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