1) CD0.2 as PDF; 2) CD0.2.2 are there

Carl Gundel carlg at world.std.com
Wed Mar 18 03:49:42 UTC 1998

On 17 March 98, Boris <usib6tfj at pol.ru>, wrote:

> Squeakers,

> CheeseDoc 0.2 is available as PDF, the URL is

> http://www.plugcom.ru/~usib6tfj/CheeseDoc.v0.2.pdf

> Many thanks to Mike Wirth who did the conversion.

> The Squeak page at PlugCom now also contains 0.2.2
> as source and dvi.  Not really big difference, just
> two small bug fixes: Carl Gundel corrected Window>>
> openWindow to be Window>>open (so self openWindow is
> now super open), and fixed the 'minButton' typo.

> Future schedule:  next release will be a major update
> of both Cheese (4.95?) and CheeseDoc (0.95?)

Did I fix something?  I'm flattered but so far all I've done is express
in Cheese.  Somebody else deserves the credit.  :)



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