Is Squeak ready for BeOS for Intel (and PPC)

Serg Koren skoren at
Wed Mar 25 04:16:41 UTC 1998

No not quite.  I've been tied up with work (real job), and haven't had a 
lot of time to spend lately.
Currently, I've run into another memory-related issue that pretty much 
forces me to go thru the logic
of the VM initialization to understand what is failing (instead of doing a 
brute-force port ;-) ).  This is good and bad; good in that I'll have to 
learn the Squeak internals, bad in that it'll take a lot longer than 

Also BeOS for Intel isn't quite ready for prime-time (it's still a 
development release "for technogeeks only").  (Yes I do have it and am a Be 
developer.)  It has no serial or floppy or Windows interfacing (just 
Ethernet or external modem).  So I have no way to move the code and have it 
compile under BeOS/Intel from the PPC platform--not having Ethernet or an 
external modem.  But it *IS* a straight recompile! One definite advantage 
of BeOS.

It would be nice to be able to get some help from the Squeak gurus on the 
memory issues, but I think it would involve a fair amount of work on their 
(and my parts) since I've rearchitected Squeak to be pretty much truly 
object-oriented (with some of exceptions).

Basically, I'm workin on it but it's going to take a while :-(  But when 
it'll be done, it'll be cool.


Serg Koren
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On Tuesday, March 24, 1998 10:51 PM, [ at] 
> BeOs for Intel is now shipping.
> <>
> I recall that at one point in time there were a couple of individuals who
> were working on the port. Is it available?
> Thanks
> Charles

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