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Fri Mar 6 15:26:35 UTC 1998


I am also a rookie interested in a Drawing editor on Squeak. I have been
working on a port of a Draw80 which was originally written by fellow list 
member Sam Adams. I have also looked at Hot Draw and Smalldraw which
are also available on the archive.

None of them will filein to Squeak and run without substantial modifications.
(Squeak heros and demigods, please correct me if I am wrong ;)

Draw80 is giving me fits because I don't understand the MVC well enough to 
rewrite the interface yet. The drawing methods also have to be tweaked to 
get them to run. And I still don't know how to get a picture out of Squeak. 
There are some references to Postscript in Draw80, but if they need to be
fixed I am out of my league.

What is you goal? What do you want to do once you have a drawing program 
running in Squeak?

Mr. Adams has hinted that he may have his version of Draw80 ready RSN. I
think that the port would be pretty easy for someone who knew what they were
doing. But people who know what they are doing probably have more interesting 
things to do.

Best Regards,

John-Reed Maffeo

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>       Hi, my name is Carolyn and I'm not sure who is reading this but
> here goes:
>         First off, a thank you to those involved with maintaing the Squeak
> web pages.
>   I'm a student at Georgia Tech and currently taking a class in Modeling
> Design which uses mainly Squeak as out programming tool. For an upcoming
> project I have been looking through Smalltalk archives to find a simple
> drawing editor that I can download and file in. I'm only looking for one
> that has simple functionality (draw a line, erase it, shapes!, etc)
> preferably not using Morphic. The proplems are simply I'm geting a little
> lost on the web trying to find such a thing, and also we are using
> Squeak1.23 so I'm not sure what other code if any is compatible or can be
> easily changed.
>  Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS in advance!!!
>                                 --Carolyn

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