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Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Tue Mar 3 17:29:21 UTC 1998

On Mon 02 Mar, Boris G. Chr. Shingarov wrote:

> In one word, I think incorporating sources into image would be a
> bad idea.
I don't think that incorporating the sources into the image, whatever
technique is used, has much to do with making a shared code
repository. Multi-developer stuff seems to have more to do with
sending chage information to some  common communicator which will
then tell all other known users of the change. The details of the
storage of code units is relevenat only in the details.

More generally, some of the losing changes/sources problem could
probably be helped by the suggestions bandied aruond a while ago
about putting the sources 'in the vm' in some sense (ie mac resource,
windows resource, Acorn app.dir., unix links etc) and perhaps, by
making releases that have condensed sources and null change logs (so
it gets created on first startup rather than being looked for).

And Craig's suggestion about enhancing the decompiler would be
useful- something similar was done to VW a few releases ago and
techsupp reported a huge drop in calls about missing source code....

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