MIDI Socket #?

Craig Latta latta at interval.com
Mon Mar 16 19:15:39 UTC 1998

	(Did this get through before?)


	I don't know of any opinion on this issue by RFCs, but I've been running MIDI servers which listen for clients on port 7777 (in honor of a certain Urantian friend of mine :), and for other servers (it's a relay architecture) on port 6666 (servers do all the evil stuff :).

	I don't know of any other related work that's open and/or public.

	I've been meaning to be a more active collaborator on Siren since you announced it a few weeks ago, but I've had my hands full with demos demos demos at work... I should get some isolated free time on the 14th. It sounds like things are very interesting! :)


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